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Recommended Electrician/Chimney sweep/plumber?
by sally watkins • Fri 08 Jan 2016 10:09
Hi there,

So it looks like we'll be completing on our house near Vidaillat in early Feb after our two year search and buying efforts.

During our first week's visit (we'll then be back for longer in the spring) we're hoping to find an electrician who could give us a quote for making safe and then upgrading the wiring.

Can anyone recommend an electrician working in the Vidaillait/Pontarion/Bourganeuf area?

We've tried Pink Electrique but we're too far south for them and the others I've found are all also north of Gueret so not sure they'd come down that far either.

We're also looking for a chimney sweep and plumber.


sally watkins
Jul 2015
Re: Recommended Electrician/Chimney sweep/plumber?
by RobertArthur • Sun 10 Jan 2016 12:23
About making safe: your frame-of-reference is already there, the existing wiring and a report (diagnostic électrique). As an introduction to the so called mise en sécurité there are two documents that might be helpful when talking to a (French?) electrician. One Promotelec summary integrated in this Hager info, the first 15 pages and another one by Schneider. Easier reading of this Schneider info when you download it in pdf format: click "Télécharger au format pdf", bottom of the website page.
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Mar 2009
Re: Recommended Electrician/Chimney sweep/plumber?
by Creusebear • Sun 10 Jan 2016 13:27
Do you have a good 'electromenager' shop? They can be a good source of references, especially if you buy from them too. Our neighbours, who did not have much French, had a great relationship with the local shop and they sorted out lots of jobs for them from wood burners to satellite dishes to new boilers, all done while the family weren't there because they trusted the shop with a key.
We have also taken neighbour's recommendations for local tradesmen and even asked at the mairie who have also been helpful with contacts. Our plumber is also our electrician and would even do chimney sweeping too but in the end we used the shop we bought the wood burner from. They also lined the chimneys. If we were full time resident I may have shopped around more but it is useful to have a solid relationship with local tradesmen who might be disposed to come out at short notice if, for example, you turn up for your holiday to a blown shower mixer and need an emergency fix!
Congratulations on your new purchase and let the adventure begin!
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May 2007
Re: Recommended Electrician/Chimney sweep/plumber?
by sally watkins • Mon 11 Jan 2016 19:10
Thanks Creusebear and RobertArthur.

sally watkins
Jul 2015
Re: Recommended Electrician/Chimney sweep/plumber?
by Les Meuniers • Sat 28 May 2016 12:55
a warning story – in our attic there is a small north skylight by the chimney which our insulation expert proposed to abolish as cold and useless.
There was also an ancient oak ladder less than 30cm wide which we thought a brocante might like sometime.
The sweep came today, and you can guess the rest.. Thank goodness (for once) the builders were late.
Les Meuniers
Apr 2016
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