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Smoke Alarms
by Robjelves • Mon 21 Dec 2015 10:09
Hi I am aware of the forthcoming changes regarding smoke alarms on the 1st of January.. Would someone be able to give me a rough breakdown as to what is required as my French isn't sufficient to be able to fully understand it.
Dec 2013
Re: Smoke Alarms
by kowalczy • Mon 21 Dec 2015 10:34
It is a requirement to fit at least one detector per property.
-Legal deadline to install is now 31st December 2015.
-The detector must carry the mark CE and meet la Norme NF EN 14604.

It should be noted also that it is the home-owner/tenant's responsibility to notify their insurance agent that they have complied with the law and fitted the said items. A sample letter of attestation may be such:

Je soussigné (nom, prénom), détenteur du contrat n° (numéro du contrat d'assurance) atteste avoir installé un détecteur de fumée normalisé au (adresse) conforme à la norme NF EN 14604.

Fait à (lieu), le (date)

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Feb 2013
Re: Smoke Alarms
by RobertArthur • Mon 21 Dec 2015 10:38
Forthcoming these changes? Already there since March 8 this year. But as things go in France, they did some fine tuning in the regs to simplify things. If you can prove that you bought your détecteur de fumée before this date, you have to install it before the first of January 2016.

The consumer organisations in France, Germany, the Netherlands were not very impressed by the quality of most of them. And not surprisingly the NF mark is not a guarantee for quality, read these headlines.

Many reviews, try google with détecteur de fumée and test comparatif. Installation: many videos on the internet.
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Mar 2009
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