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Cabine de douche
by Hillbilly • Tue 31 Jul 2012 18:19
I have just bought a cabine de douche from brico depot. The outlet from the drain is just slightly smaller than 40 mm but larger than the next available size 32 mm! I can't understand this can anyone please help?
Sep 2007
Re: Cabine de douche
by blaudeix • Tue 31 Jul 2012 19:35
Are you using french pipe?

The easiest thing is too throw the waste in the bin & get another.
I think they would actually fit uk pipe (well some of it as there is several sizes of 40mm)

Also if it's acryilic (spellin?) silicon won't stay stuck to it & the shower trays crack after 3 - 5 years

but otherwise bonne chance :)
Minimum size for a septic tank (fosse septique) is 3000 litres. All installations must conform to DTU64.1 The S.P.A.N.C. technician will verify this. A principle piece is a room without water larger than 7 metres square.
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Nov 2006
Re: Cabine de douche
by lestroisours • Wed 01 Aug 2012 11:19
The alternative is a connector with a compression fitting adapting to 40ml pipe. Don't be tempted to downsize to 32 mm as the outflow would not be sufficient. There are several types, Compression to compression, or Compression to bare pipe. I would suggest Compression to compression, as the bare pipe version is polyethylene and won't glue to the plastic pipe even with the plastic cement. With compression fittings, make sure the rubber flanges stay in place when tightening up, and don't overtighten, as the flanges can split or deform.
The compression fitting should have the body into which the pipe slides,the rubber flange, a ring that firms the flange into place, and the compression ring itself. The Compression ring, flange ring and flange go on the pipe before the body of the fitting is placed over the pipe. then the compression ring is tightened up onto the body. Normally no leaks under normal operation. I have fitted many, including to the size of pipe you mention.
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Oct 2007
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