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Asbestos-backed lino removal
by laPetite • Sun 21 Aug 2011 12:56
We've just completed the acte de vente on a house in the Correze - just over the border, so hope I'm allowed to keep posting here!

We knew from the diagnostic that there was some asbestos in the backing of lino in the kitchen and a small loo and bathroom. The kitchen floor is parquet, but the floorboards have lifted because the house wasn't allowed to breather at all for a long time. Where the boards have lifted, the lino has cracked and it's easy to see what has happenned. The original backing (the asbestos bit) is stuck to the floorboards. We have considered removing this ourselves, but are wary of this, but didn't have the time on our recent visit to check out costs for specialist removal.

Does anyone had any recent experience of employing specialists, and what the cost was?

There are three separate areas, so we're talking about (kitchen, small loo and bathroom) a total of approx. 25 square metres.

I've posted this message on other forums and have had a variety of responses, but would welcome any advice so that we can go ahead and get it right.

Many thanks.
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Re: Asbestos-backed lino removal
by RobertArthur • Sun 21 Aug 2011 13:51
I'm posting from the Nièvre, so keep posting from the Corrèze. I've read the answers on this other forum for the Brits here in France. Reading what London and Paris have to say about it, this doesn't look like a job for the more or less experienced DIY. Which brings us to the question: anybody with recent experience in hiring (licensed!) specialists? Thirty or more years ago I removed a lot of lino (grey backing) myself, but that is definitely not the way to do it. A final question: are you sure that the grey cement like residue is not some sort of glue or leveling agent? The asbestos backing looks more like carton. But together with glue it might look a bit like cement. Perhaps cut out - careful - a small piece, put it in two, three plastic bags and see if there is a laboratory to have it analyzed. Before asking a specialised firm for a devis. For analysis and proper cleaning procedures, see this information.

Kind regards,

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Re: Asbestos-backed lino removal
by enzo • Mon 22 Aug 2011 10:47
Hi our seller was responsible for the removal of all asbestos from our property by order of the notaire. It may be worth while finding out if this is still the case maybe contact the notaire and ask the question, good luck
Jun 2011
Re: Asbestos-backed lino removal
by RobertArthur • Mon 22 Aug 2011 11:19
Enzo, laPetite,

As I've understood the French regulations, only the costs of the diagnostic are for the seller. On the website of the Notaires de France it has been summarized as follows: "...Ces diagnostics permettent à l'acheteur d'avoir une idée plus précise sur son investissement, ses qualités et ses défauts....". When signing the avant contrat et l'acte authentique de vente all these documents - an increasing number of diagnostics - have to be there on the table of monsieur le notaire. The buyer has to be informed, or else...

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Mar 2009
Re: Asbestos-backed lino removal
by blaudeix • Mon 22 Aug 2011 17:37
of course the cost of the diagnostics are at the door of the seller but haveing found out there's asbestos it's a pretty good bargaining chip - get it out or I wn't buy it.
The same with lead, electrics or assainissement, termites, gawdy 70's wallpaper, purple bathroom suites & jonny haliday posters.
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