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by Ricardo • Mon 31 Oct 2016 22:20
Having visited our house in the Creuse for the last ten years, I have never experienced the insect bites that I received in the last two weeks. My body (literally) was covered with extremely itchy red bites. some of which had blistered. I have been in agony for several days, with little comfort from antihistamine bite creams. I could not understand how I was getting these bites as I was always covered with long trousers and long sleeved shirts. I originally thought that my house was being plagued by mosquitoes and in response I used all the anti mosquito treatments to no avail. On returning home, my research on various web sites led me to conclude that I was being bitten by chigger mites. These microscopic creatures live in similar conditions to ticks and are prevalent in the autumn. They have the ability to crawl up clothes and reach Heineken parts of the body. Check out health web sites to see how to prevent being a victim.
Jul 2009
Re: Chiggers
by Jeanne • Mon 31 Oct 2016 23:56
They have been prevalent this year. Everyone I know, even those who don't usually get bitten much, have been covered with them. Perhaps it was due to the extended hot summer we have had? Not restricted to this area either.

I could not work out what was making these bites for a long time because having several dogs and cats I thought they must have had fleas, even though they had collars and I even put a flea comb through and there was nothing there.

Still getting the odd one whenever I spend time in the garden.
Jun 2010
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