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Close encounter of the hairy kind!
by Creusebear • Sun 23 Oct 2016 18:59
I had a hair-raising experience this morning. We left for Calais in the dark and coming through the forest of Chateauroux when we were suddenly joined on the empty road by a full grown 'sanglier' . Both species executed their finest emergency stops and luckily both escaped without injury. This was my first 'up close and personal' experience of a wild boar and, once I had calmed down a bit, I couldn't get over how BIG it was! Honest, the animal must have been a metre at the shoulder. It turned back into the woods with a contemptuous grunt. After that, I had my eyes peeled on the verges until day break!
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Re: Close encounter of the hairy kind!
by rictel • Sun 23 Oct 2016 20:19
Creusebear, congrats on your narrow escape. Yes they are big !! I've only seen one, driving back from Boussac one night I saw a shape in the road & slowed right down to be confronted by a sanglier. I stopped, it looked at me , & then went through the hedge at the side of the road.Don't know if it made a contemptuous grunt though ..... i kept my windows firmly shut :lol:
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Re: Close encounter of the hairy kind!
by Jeanne • Sun 23 Oct 2016 20:57
Only had one encounter with a mum and her babies when going out for the evening and it was near the A20. They just ambled across the road calmly.

Apparently if you ever get in to a situation with one I am told that if you can get up to beyond their eye level then you are OK as they can only see horizontally, not that I would like to test the theory LOL.
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