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Cocker Spaniel
by steveP • Tue 05 May 2015 08:39

Does anyone know of any Cocker Spaniel breeders in the Limousin area?

Jan 2015
Re: Cocker Spaniel
by virtdave • Tue 05 May 2015 12:48
You might call David/Dot Grant, 09 65 34 97 01--they're not breeders, but would possibly know who is.
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Sep 2008
Re: Cocker Spaniel
by Jeanne • Tue 05 May 2015 19:01
With the amount of dogs and pups that are in rescues its a shame you could not consider one of those. Its heartbreaking to see so many dogs locked up and who are often pedigrees that people do not understand how to look after. I would like to see heavier regulation on breeders personally.
Jun 2010
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