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Creuse wildlife
by davidcarla • Thu 19 Jun 2014 11:25
Following on from a previous posting on birds. We have been lucky enough to see some very unusual - to us at least - birds during our 4 years in Creuse. Last year we had several Black Winged Stilts at the bottom end of our lake. We also get regular visits from Egrets, Herons, Bitterns, Common Sandpipers and Hoopoes .

This year we have seen Golden Orioles flitting around. There is also a white Ragondan - Coypu - paddling around!
There has also been a pair of Kites nesting in the woods at the side of the lake, along with several types of Buzzards

We have never seen such a variety of wildlife, loads of mammals - Stone Martins, Roe Deer, even a proper Wild Cat, we seem to see something different almost every week.

Mind you still not seen a Sanglier, and only had one Red Squirrel put in an appearance - despite the nuts put out for them! :D
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Re: Creuse wildlife
by Dave • Fri 20 Jun 2014 12:09
I've seen a few wild boar (sanglier) over the years (including a whole family once with the little piglets playing about). I finally saw a pheasant last year for the first time in the Creuse - I had thought that they had be hunted out of the dept. I've seen several types of deer, hares, foxes and so on. Plus a whole load of birds I don't know.

We had newts in our pond this year along with several species of frog and some really big toads (picture in the Show Us Your Creusois Wildlife Pics thread). The croaky frog choir is almost defending some evenings.
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Re: Creuse wildlife
by virtdave • Fri 20 Jun 2014 15:26
If one drives on the plateau de Millevaches in the late evening, one can often see a harde of sanglier...I see them here in St.Georges-Nigremont fairly frequently, but that's related to participation in hunting in the autumn. Our hunt association usually votes not to release farmed pheasants (too much like shooting fish in a barrel--someone last year here said, "well why not release chickens?"), but many local hunting groups do, and the pheasants one sees here in Creuse are probably released ones who managed not to get shot....
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