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Do your dogs tell the time?
by alldown • Tue 21 May 2013 13:18
OK I know that dogs have a food tummy clock, although I have a 4 year old Westie that does not give a hoot if she's fed, walked or petted.

My 2 year old is different. She will drag me by the sleeve and sit looking at the cupboard where the dog food is if it goes past feeding time. If walk time is late she will sit in front of where the leads are kept and bark and she drives me mad to pet her when we are all sharing the sofa by mouthing my hand and trying to move it towards her.

When Stephen made the garden he put in an eight foot in diameter raised fishpond. It is topped with large flagstones which means you can sit round it and watch the (now very large) fish. We tried keeping a variety of pond fish Orfe, Shubumkins (sp?) etc. but all died except the goldfish.

Both my Westies have now worked out when it is time to feed the fish, They dash out of the door jump onto the edge of the pond and bark like mad. I know it is my fault. I started to drop a few pond sticks in front of each dog when I fed the fish. Now they seem to have become addicted!!!

I feed the fish from April to October unless it is very cold I think in October Echo and Anya will have to go "cold turkey" and give up this strange addiction.

Anybody else have an addicted dog? :(
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Re: Do your dogs tell the time?
by kimosabi • Wed 22 May 2013 13:53
Yes we have a 5 month old staff and he tells us when it's time for his feed ,and goes to the drawer for his walk time. They catch on really quickly don't they.
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