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Cheapest and best way to transport a puppy to UK?
by Jeanne • Sat 05 May 2012 14:45
I need to get one of my puppies back to the UK to live with my daughter. Because I have 4 pups, 2 adult dogs, 5 cats and a working husband, it is not going to be easy for me to drive back with her.

Because I can't find homes for them here, she is going to have one and looks like I will have to keep the rest. I know I can contact the SPA but they have been used to the English life and am not keen on them living in a barn as many do here.

She will be 20 weeks old by the time she is ready to go back and as she is a bit of a noisy one anyway, she would be a pain for anyone travelling back and she needs to go to the Midlands.

I don't think I have any choice but to do a lightning trip there via the tunnel, but if anyone has any better ideas please let me know.

(Just in case anyone thinks I have been irresponsible. I haven't. I took this dog on from a refuge, not knowing it was pregnant and was told it would not be difficult to find homes. Huh. Well, it has been difficult and I have given up trying to find good homes for them. The refuge is not local, so when people came forward after seeing pics they didn't want to travel 5 hours to see them, in case they weren't suitable. I originally only offered to foster this dog.)

Thanks, any advice appreciated.
Jun 2010
Re: Cheapest and best way to transport a puppy to UK?
by Tim06 • Sat 05 May 2012 22:48
Sorry, no advice regarding transport, but what breed/ crossbreed are your pups?
I have always had Nefoundlands or Newfie X retrivers.
i lost my last one nearly a year ago, and will be seriously looking around September.
I prefer females, (well most males would say that!)
Jul 2009
Re: Cheapest and best way to transport a puppy to UK?
by Jeanne • Sat 05 May 2012 23:15
Tim the pups were born at the end of January, so are already quite big (14wks on 7 May). Every one of the pups looked different.

The mother was noted on her papers as being a Berger X. However, she is a Heinz 57 and looks to me like a cross between a spaniel and various other breeds. The two females are totally different. One is furry and big, the other one has more terrier like looks. The males have vaguely a GSD look but thinner faces, possibly because of their markings. I am guessing that the larger ones will be probably a bit smaller than labs but bigger than spaniels in general size.

So, unfortunately, by September they will be full grown.

Thanks though.
Jun 2010
Re: Cheapest and best way to transport a puppy to UK?
by Annik • Sat 05 May 2012 23:25
We have found that the Tunnel is the easiest way to transport dogs across the Channel as they don't have to go into the hold of a roll-on roll-off ferry and be terrified by the motion and noise. It only takes 35 minutes and the pet control centre at Calais is very efficient. It costs £30 on top of your fare.

However the most expensive part is the rabies inoculation and the parasite treatment. You need to check that out with your vet or a British website, in advance. It may be that you couldn't take the pup until her rabies jab had been proved to have "taken".

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. (Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.)" Groucho Marx
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Re: Cheapest and best way to transport a puppy to UK?
by virtdave • Sun 06 May 2012 01:54
We've brought our dog back and forth from the USA dozens of times. And now that it's possible to visit the UK with dog, we may pay visits to friends there whom we've not seen since we lived in Edinburgh. For over a hundred years traveling with a dog to the UK from just about anywhere was a bureaucratic and emotional challenge, and vestiges of that, um, insular tendency persist a bit still.
To bring our dog from the USA to France is quite easy--other than the fact that she weighs 50 pounds, and when you fly with a dog, you may occasionally be called upon to carry it a bit.
When the European Union was brewing up Europe-wide regulations, they combined the efforts of career bureaucrats from 25 countries, and came up with a remarkably long and tedious form which the French Embassy here states is required. Here's a link, if reading such turgid stuff amuses you. I always get it filled out by my vet before flying, but when I try to show it to the French douaniers, they decline to look at it..."beau chien...circulez..."
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Re: Cheapest and best way to transport a puppy to UK?
by Jeanne • Sun 06 May 2012 08:19
Yes Annik, we have always used the tunnel and I wouldn't go any other way. The rules changed for the passport requirements for dogs now and it is a lot easier since January of this year. Its important she goes to a good home and I know my daughter can do this.

My problem is just the time. Its impossible for my husband to take a break as he has work that is booked in for months ahead. That leaves me to drive on my own in a small car with a pup and also have to do it in the smallest timescale possible. I have done it in 12 hours door to door last year but I was totally knackered and to do the same thing 24 hours later to come back, I was not looking forward to.

It seems that that is my only way to do it, so I shall check out with the vet tomorrow when the pup will be allowed to travel and then book a crossing. I just hate the UK and avoid going back and would not visit at all if it wasn't for family. Once in 4 years was more than enough. :)
Jun 2010
Re: Cheapest and best way to transport a puppy to UK?
by helen • Sun 06 May 2012 22:02
Hi Jeanne
I regularly use the tunnel but there are dedicated pet tranporters who travel back and forth if you look on the internet you can see them. I have no idea how much they are charge but it may be an alternative
Good luck
Mar 2005
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