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Frequency of Rabies vaccine
by emandem • Tue 20 Jan 2009 14:42
I have asked this before but without success, so having another go.
We're very well versed in everything to do with Pet Passport except for this worry -
I was told that, even though our British rabies Vaccination lasts 2 years, the French vets demand annual vaccination. In consequence we've always, for 9 years now,had our dog done annually to be safe. I'd dearly like to stop doing so. So dog owners do please tell me if you are 1 or 2 yearly vaccinations.
Dec 2006
Re: Frequency of Rabies vaccine
by Dave • Tue 20 Jan 2009 15:24
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Aug 2004
Re: Frequency of Rabies vaccine
by cinqpoules • Tue 20 Jan 2009 17:28
When we registered at the vet in Aubusson, he looked at our pet passport,told us that in France it was annual, but that our passport was valid until the date on it. So for the first jab, ours is longer than a year and then after that we are going to do annual if in France.
Nov 2008
Re: Frequency of Rabies vaccine
by Annik • Tue 20 Jan 2009 19:38
We have our dogs done every two years, according to the requirements of the pet passport scheme. I know the French have it done annually but our French vet has never suggested this, and neither has anyone else. We work on the assumption that we are OK, especially as it's expensive to have it done every year! However, if we lived in France all the time, we would obviously conform and have it done annually.

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Jun 2007
Re: Frequency of Rabies vaccine
by bobby • Wed 21 Jan 2009 09:59
I agree with Annik.

When we first traveled here just for holidays we used to do the jab every two years.

But as sson as we lived here full time, then the vets recommended that we do it every year.

Maybe there are different rules depending on which country you are in but at the end of the day, if you are doing it so you can take your pet back in to the UK, then just as long as you abide by the UK rules all should be fine.

It might be worth contacting Defra about it. When we had a question relating to passports we rang them. They told us the answer and also other bits of information that we had not thought about.

May 2008
Re: Frequency of Rabies vaccine
by Chergirl • Wed 21 Jan 2009 16:44
I think perhaps as already discussed the important point here is where your dog normally/mainly resides.

We are mainly resident in the UK and our dog Arnie travels backwards and forwards to France with us regularly.

I have checked Arnie's passport and find that he was first vaccinated for rabies in 2007 and actually does not require a booster until 2010 which is three years.

However as I understand it from my vet in France if you are mainly resident in France and want to travel to another EU country eg Spain your dog will require a yearly booster to return to France.

I agree with Bobby that contacting DEFRA is probably the safest option and in light of everyones comments on here about a 2 year booster I will definately be checking that my vet in the UK has got the three years right!

Also if you bring your dog out to France as regularly as we do and have pet insurance it is worth checking the small print. I found that Arnie was only covered for three trips a year and as we were making nearer five I had to change the cover.
Oct 2007
Re: Frequency of Rabies vaccine
by Zebedee • Wed 21 Jan 2009 23:07
Our English vet said it was sonething to do with the strength of the vaccination - in the UK it is stronger and lasts for 2 years but in France is does need redoing every year. It is worth asking though, with the cost of fuel, whether it is worth the cost of a trip back to the UK every 2 years or whether the vet bill in France annually is cheaper!
As for other vet fees, I have definately found France cheaper - and the vet in Chenerailles often hasn't charged for quick queries or check-ups or indeed the first tick removal including a teaching session so I could do the next ones, whereas it is £25 a time just to sit in the waiting room in UK!!
Jul 2008
Re: Frequency of Rabies vaccine
by handyjack23 • Thu 22 Jan 2009 00:06
I think the vets in Chenerailles are great and would recommend them to everyone. The young Belgian lady partner is a sweetie: we usually take some pieces of old cheese for her to use to give the dogs their anti-parasite pills before we leave for England. One time we forgot and she went to the boulangerie and bought a croissant for them!

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Aug 2007
Re: Frequency of Rabies vaccine
by emandem • Sat 24 Jan 2009 13:36
Thank you so much, everybody.

So, Gregory is going to be let off his annual booster this year.I'm sure he'd be very grateful to you. His passport also says the vaccine is valid for three years - I don't think I'd dare go that far.
(We are not resident in France - I understand that a 3 months stay counts as residence for dogs).
Thanks again. Looking forward to a long spring stay.
Dec 2006
Re: Frequency of Rabies vaccine
by Goose • Sat 24 Jan 2009 14:58
I know that you've got your answers now but thought I'd add that our French dog has his annually too - by the vet at Ahun.

There are two very nice young women vets there and a Dutch chap - all very kind and have seen Willie immediately (out of their consultancy hours though the surgery was open for making appointments and buying over the counter items) when we had a panic the afternoon before he was due to go to kennels just before we took off for the UK last year..

He doesn't have a passport - he is an ex-chasse dog and not a towny dog at all, so we leave him at some good kennels run by a lovely French lady not too far from us. She loves him and says he is so "gentil".

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Mar 2005
Re: Frequency of Rabies vaccine
by amandaandclint • Sat 24 Jan 2009 15:27
We had a similar problem with different vets (UK and French).

Just do what ever DEFRA say as they are the ones that say what is and isn't allowed in to the UK.

We get our boys done yearly now just in case.

Our dogs are also very nice ;-)
Feb 2007
Re: Frequency of Rabies vaccine
by Zebedee • Sat 24 Jan 2009 16:34
Emandem - noticed you are from Oxford too! My vet in Oxford (Beaumont VP) on Botley Road has a very knowledgable vet - Maureen who is the passport expert! She will clear anything up for you if you still have queries! In fact, I was chatting to her this morning (not about passports this time though!)
Jul 2008
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