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Ground turkey
by Siptea • Mon 01 Oct 2012 20:27
Hi folks

Is it possible to buy ground white meat turkey here? Like for turkey burgers and such.


Jul 2010
Re: Ground turkey
by Annik • Mon 01 Oct 2012 23:08
I've never seen any. I think you might have to buy your own turkey fillets/meat and mince it yourself. Have you got a kitchen gadget that would do this? I have a fantastic Kenwood Chef at home that will do everything if you fit it with the right accessories.

Actually, thinking on the subject further, any ground turkey meat you might buy in a supermarket in France (or in the UK) might be pretty revolting - one thinks abattoir floor scrapings here.

If you are going to cook something you might be happy to eat you would go for "mincing" (UK) or "grinding" (USA) your own turkey here. Then you would have total control of the pieces of meat you were dealing with.

My darling daughter-in-law worked for a few months as a starving student in a local very high quality meat processing unit in Cheshire. She now will not touch any piece of meat in any supermarket in the UK or otherwise that has gone through such a process, having seen the careless abuses that went on before the apparently innocent and expensive product appeared out of the "other end".

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