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Food shopping delivery
by peggy • Wed 11 Jan 2012 23:55
I was wondering, does anyone know of any reliable delivery service supermarkets or companies that deliver food shopping to your house?

I am looking for somewhere that can deliver in the Creuse region, in Bourganeuf more precisely.

Thanks for any replies.
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Re: Food shopping delivery
by lestroisours • Thu 12 Jan 2012 12:09
Have you tried Carrefour? www.carrefour.fr first order over 120€ free delivery according to their web page.

On the other hand we make our own shopping trips, for the French experience, language practice for Anne, and getting out in public. We have a little cabin fever at the moment due to the weather, so every advantage taken of the sun's appearance to get out. Otherwise we would see no one.
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Oct 2007
Re: Food shopping delivery
by JulieR • Thu 12 Jan 2012 18:24
Carrefour only deliver to certain areas around Paris and Lyon and not anywhere here.

Toupargel ones seem to deliver to Bourganeuf but never tried them so can't offer an opinion...anyone else used them??

May 2005
Re: Food shopping delivery
by JulieR • Thu 12 Jan 2012 18:31
Just had a quick browse at the site and seems very expensive...

I love supermarket shopping though and can spend ages in there but alot don't or can't for whatever reason. But seems you pay alot extra for the privilege
May 2005
Re: Food shopping delivery
by Dave • Thu 12 Jan 2012 20:25
I think Toupargel only deliver frozen foods (like Iceland in the UK), but as you say it's not cheap.

A number of bakers and butchers have vans that deliver all over the Creuse (usually in the region near their shops) and they stock tinned food and alike. This way you'd have to speak French but could get your supplies a couple of times a week. I expect that someone in the Bourgeneuf area does this but I've no idea how to find out apart from asking your neighbours. It's a popular service for older people in rural area that can't or don't drive.

You don't say why you want home delivery. If you are house-bound you might be able to get some help - ask at the Maire.
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Aug 2004
Re: Food shopping delivery
by pili-pala • Fri 13 Jan 2012 14:24
Hi Peggy,
Have you looked into something like www.lamaisonshoppingservices.co.uk?
They have a drop off point in Bourgeneuf and can arrange home deliveries too. You can order from Tesco or Asda, it's delivered to their base in Essex then brought to France the next day - I think they do the run one a month.
I'm not into promoting buying groceries from the UK but if there is no local supermarket that will deliver to you here in France then maybe this could work for you?
Good luck
Is it "la" or is it "le"?
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