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Gravy Browning
by crendell • Wed 13 Oct 2010 11:48
Does anyone know where I can get gravy browning? It's for darkening a sweet pickle recipe.

Carla :roll:
Aug 2009
Re: Gravy Browning
by Annik • Thu 14 Oct 2010 01:40
I don't think you can get it in France. It is something that we try to remember to bring over from England.

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Jun 2007
Re: Gravy Browning
by rayh • Thu 14 Oct 2010 18:33
Hi Carla

This website below says you can substitute Worcester sauce or instant coffee.

Ray :)
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May 2007
Re: Gravy Browning
by crendell • Thu 14 Oct 2010 19:01
thanks for the advice. Didn't think you could get it in France, I have tried all the supermarkets. I have some caramel, i will try using that, sparingly.

Carla :lol:
Aug 2009
Re: Gravy Browning
by thewrights • Fri 15 Oct 2010 23:14
Don't know if this is too late . . . but had you thought about asking Dave and Dot Grant at the Corner Shop in Farges near Aubusson? they have a wide range of UK products. Their tel no. is 05 55 67 58 87.

Hope the pickle turns out OK!

best wishes,
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Oct 2007
Re: Gravy Browning
by TournesolKate • Sun 24 Oct 2010 12:42
I have noticed in the supermarkets near me (Intermarché Ahun, Carrefour Aubusson) in the stock cube section you can find some bottles of what appear to be a sort of gravy browning. There is one called Viandox from Maggi and another called Arome Saveur from Knorr. They both say for adding colour and flavour to sauces in their descriptions. Does this sound like the right stuff?
(I have never used gravy browning, so it might be something completely different!)
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Oct 2008
Re: Gravy Browning
by crendell • Wed 27 Oct 2010 15:27
thanks for that.I think as it is a pickle receipt its just colour I should be adding and not flavour.Must admit I've never used gravy browning myself before. Anyway I've made the pickle now.If the colour is wrong at least it should taste okay...........I hope! :lol:
Aug 2009
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