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Re: Tasting
by mikegrogers • Wed 19 Nov 2008 18:58
auchan hypermarche do mature farmhouse english cheddar which is very nice cost if i remember is €13 a kilo
May 2008
Re: Tasting
by amandaandclint • Sun 23 Nov 2008 13:04
Thanks for that Mike, we were in Auchan a few weeks back and they had proper (english style) bacon in the deli section.

When we went back it was not there, does anyone know if they were just trialing it or was it simply sold out?

We also visit Carrefour for Cheddar as they stock two types and think that it starts from around 9 euros per kilo so it works out a bit cheaper than Auchan.
Feb 2007
Re: Tasting
by Lynn • Sun 23 Nov 2008 23:09
WE have eaten Salers cheese and it was very tasty, very like Cheddar.
Worth a try.
Apr 2008
Re: English cheese sources
by ollycat27 • Thu 27 Nov 2008 12:33
You couldnt find a better source of English cheese than to go to your local market and meet Mr Fromage (Bill) he has everything you could posssibly want at very competitive prices..

Mr Fromage is also happy for a chat and has a selection of christmas products which we cant get here.

Support your local markets or lose them forever.
Feb 2008
Re: English cheese sources
by Twiggy • Thu 27 Nov 2008 16:09
Didn't this topic used to be under the name of 'Tasting' or is it my old age?

It seems to have split in to two posts now ... extra non-conforming PN advertising I guess?
Aug 2007
Re: English cheese sources
by Dave • Thu 27 Nov 2008 17:13
It is split: This part wasn't about "what's on" but about where to find cheese.

Not sure what "extra non-conforming PN advertising" means, but there are a lot of folks who feel Pont Noir is a place to get themselves free advertising and who otherwise play no part in the community so sometimes threads are deleted or split and sometimes posts are edited to remove self advertising. Pont Noir has a moderated forum which is a different experience to many of the forums on France. That will tend to upset those who don't follow the rules and have posts that are edited or deleted. The internet is a big place and there is room for everything; just not here. Here we want pleasant and informative, not angry opinion and advert ridden. That way you have a choice.
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Aug 2004
Re: English cheese sources
by ollycat27 • Thu 27 Nov 2008 17:33

Although I have lost the thread over what has happened here, I posted my reply just to inform other PN that there are other alternatives to the supermarket because I feel strongly about the markets which I feel are dwindling slowly but surely and the only way that they can survive is that we take the time to visit them and posssibly make a purchase or two.

Feb 2008
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