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France Télécom help line
by virtdave • Thu 15 Jun 2017 11:58
Since we returned to Creuse, a month ago, we've had an ongoing series of troubles with our landline....I called 3900 several times, and after over 30 minutes per call, I was either disconnected or assured the problem was resolved (it wasn't). So today I tried the anglophone help line 0969363900--since my French was (slightly) better than the tech's English, we ended up speaking in French. He was able to resolve the problem; he then mentioned that the people who respond to calls to 3900 are fools, and are generally based elsewhere (e.g. India), but that the 0969363900 crew are generally in France, and are much more competent. This is consistent with what I just went through. The main disadvantage of the anglophone help line is limited hours (and, often, prolonged wait times). If you have a telephone problem, even if your French is excellent, don't waste your time with 3900.
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Re: France Télécom help line
by RobertArthur • Thu 15 Jun 2017 12:34
Virtdave, I couldn't agree more. After years of talking to French brick walls, there is no problem monsieur, the first thing the English guy said to me when picking up my call was: is there something wrong with your line sir, it sounds very noisy. To cut a long story short: a week later two vans arrived, ladders etc., about 500 metres of new telephone cable to the next "point de concentration" . The old copper wiring was totalement foutu they told me. As I tried to explain before to a French audience. After five years we had our crystal clear landline back and the possibility for an adsl internet connection, a slow re-adsl type because of almost 7 km of wiring to the telephone exchange.

Is it getting better in the near future? Perhaps, read all about it.
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Mar 2009
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