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Mail on Orange
by noxando • Fri 06 Jul 2012 23:43
Hello everybody,
Since Thursday morning (5th) I have been unable to access the mail received/sent page on the Orange website. The rest of the website is ok. I thought it could well be a fault at Orange and there was nothing I could do to correct it so I have left it until just now and there is no change. Is anybody else is experiencing the same problem? I expect it will have to be a call on Monday.
Regards to everyone
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Re: Mail on Orange
by lestroisours • Sat 07 Jul 2012 06:31
I had a similar problem recently, where is seems that the server blocked access. However I could still access mail direct on the server, Outlook was refused. I re-applied the password on the POP settings and all was well.

If you here in France and accessing the server on your own number then you should access the portail (orange.fr) which shows all your account information without any intervention on your part. If you find that you need your access codes to do this, then something is amiss. Until recently windows 7 and IE9 had to resend for a cookie to open the inbox on the server, but that changed when orange changed their site.

So check first that you can get orange.fr and then take it from there, having to hand your access words.
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