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Web Strike Today - 18th Jan 2012 - PLEASE READ
by Dave • Wed 18 Jan 2012 11:26
Most of you will know by now that much of the web is blacked out today in protest of a US bill that aims to censor the internet.

I support the web blackout wholeheartedly. Make no mistake. This law will effect you. Essentially it will give the US law enforcement agencies the ability to close a website or block a domain without any evidence of a criminal act, but only on suspicion of one. Not just sites in the USA but others too including Pont Noir. Why? Because pontnoir.com a) has a .com and the USA control that domain and b) is actually hosted in the USA.

This is being sold as a method to combat piracy (of music, films and TV shows) but there is nothing in the bill to limit it to piracy. It can be used to close sites for any imagined crime. Yes, you read that correctly, for an imagined crime. Take a moment to think about that. Hearsay is all that is needed. Who decides these things? Good question. It is not clear. What is clear is that, eventually, if this bills passes, all that will be left of the internet is what governments and large corporations approve of. The internet really only works because is is free and open. A true market economy if you like, where readers decide value not posters.

So why isn't Pont Noir blacked out (like Wikipedia and WordPress and alike)?
Well, because I think most members won't like that. I wasn't organised enough to prepare the closure in advance so they won't understand why it's not there and so it isn't helpful. Instead I'm posting this notice and asking you to follow this link and spend a couple of minutes understanding what this it all about and how your life in the Creuse won't be as nice in the future if this bill passes.


Thank you.
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Re: Web Strike Today - 18th Jan 2012 - PLEASE READ
by virtdave • Thu 19 Jan 2012 06:46
This isn't the first time I've been embarrassed by the shenanigans of my country...however, it doesn't appear too likely that SOPA will pass, at least in its current most pernicious form. Here is an article in today's NYT which notes that many of the bill's original supporters are backing away from it, partly due to the outcry it has engendered.
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