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Pont Noir - What would you do to improve it - Conclusion ?
by smilespwp • Mon 30 May 2011 16:27

Last year you ran a questionnaire on the site and suggestions (if any) on what members would do to improve it.

Did you come to any conclusions after closing the topic and reviewing the few answers you received ?
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Re: Pont Noir - What would you do to improve it - Conclusion
by Dave • Tue 31 May 2011 21:24
Mostly the conclusion is that I need to find more time to make the changes. I've taken on board the comments that where made and (where practicable) I will try to implement some of them. I think though that most members either are happy with Pont Noir as it is, or in any case, not fussed enough to comment.

I hope to have some more noticeable changes later this year. I had some things organised but unfortunately the code that Pont Noir uses as the basis of the site (the CMS) is not being developed much now and the community is all but dead. This means that in the next year or so I must migrate to another CMS platform. That isn't going to be easy but it must be done if the site is going to move forward. I hope that some of the idea's members had can be included as part of this migration but if not at least there will be a robust and more importantly (maintainable) platform from which to build them.

For those that didn't see the survey: it is here.
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