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La Courtine military base?
by LeHobbit • Mon 06 Mar 2017 14:56
Hello folks. We have narrowed down our property search to the Millevaches Natural Regional Parc area in the south of Creuse. We almost found the right place for us near Saint Marc A Loubaud a couple of weeks ago, but we have decided against that particular property. We are possibly interested in seeing another place which is just outside the hamlet of Malleret, in south east Creuse, a few kilometres south of Crocq.

We are aware that there is a sizeable military base at La Courtine, which isn't that far away from Malleret.

Does anyone have any thoughts/local knowledge on the base? What sort of impacts does it have activity and noise wise on the surrounding areas. We have driven past it once, but didn't notice much going on? I guess they do military exercises there?

Thought would be appreciated. We are seeking rural peace and quiet!!
Aug 2015
Re: La Courtine military base?
by chrisell66 • Mon 06 Mar 2017 15:58
I'm pretty certain La Courtine is army rather than airforce. I'm 20km away and can't say I've noticed anything and never noticed anything driving through La Cortine. Peace and quiet is what you get round here.
Jul 2016
Re: La Courtine military base?
by RobertArthur • Mon 06 Mar 2017 17:02
La Courtine is still an important army terrain for exercises. Busy: " En 2016, le camp de La Courtine s’attendait à accueillir 700 militaires par jour en moyenne."
From 1959-1964 the Dutch army was present there: dancing, MP problems, girls and writing home.
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Mar 2009
Re: La Courtine military base?
by sevy1 • Mon 06 Mar 2017 18:58
Hi LeHobbit
We have had a holiday home just outside Magnat L'Etrange for the past 12 years and had similar concerns about the base at La Courtine when we were buying and noticed on the map the military base. You can here occasional bombs going off in the distance and the sound of gun fire but it is always in the distance and has never bothered us. It should not put you off buying. For the majority of the time no activity takes place. I think they practice with live ammunition until the money runs out and then silence. The camp covers a large area and therefore is closed to hunting so has become an unlikely haven for wildlife. The hamlet of Mallerat is lovely and I am sure it will make a great home. We love the Southern Creuse as you really are away from it all and I feel the landscape is a lot more interesting than the Northern Creuse. You also have the town of Aubusson with its tapestry museum and Felletin with its excellent Friday market. Good Luck with the purchase.
Sep 2013
Re: La Courtine military base?
by LeHobbit • Mon 06 Mar 2017 19:32
Thank you for all of your replies, very helpful. We have been coming over to Creuse since mid summer in 2016 and have viewed quite a few houses now. More recently we have narrowed our search down to the south of Creuse and the Millevaches area as we much prefer the landscape and countryside and also we like the towns of Aubusson and Felletin. We have seen a nice looking property advertised on Leboincoin by a French vendor. Down a little track with no near neighbours and nice land. It is north of Malleret, so not too close to the military camp. I think we will view it and see what it is like. We have a few houses lined up to see in that south eastern part of Creuse.

Cheers LeHobbit
Aug 2015
Re: La Courtine military base?
by virtdave • Mon 06 Mar 2017 21:33
Our place is a few km north of Malleret, and we too occasionally hear some bomb noise, a bit like distant thunder, but it's never been annoying. Not only hunting, but mushroom gathering is discouraged in the military camp, and it's thought there may be some unexploded ordnance lurking in the shrubbery, so it's not recommended. The D25 traverses the camp, and is rarely closed, though there is a movable barrier and sentry box at the edge of the camp--I think that when there's active gunfire in the camp, they do close it off. For us, it's the quickest route to go from Magnat l'Etrange to La Courtine.
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Sep 2008
Re: La Courtine military base?
by Dave • Tue 07 Mar 2017 13:10
I was lucky enough to go on a wildlife tour on the camp with one of the officers (and a local group but I forget how this was organised) and it was very beautiful and I saw a lot of wildlife in the couple of hours we were there. It's a lovely (and underrated) part of the Creuse and I guess La Courtine itself benefits from having the base there and has a couple of decent restaurants.
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Aug 2004
Re: La Courtine military base?
by LeHobbit • Tue 07 Mar 2017 17:34
Good to hear that no one has said to stay away from that part of the Creuse, due to issues with the base (noise, activity etc). We are definitely going to check out the property for sale as it is in a lovely spot, at the end of a track!
Aug 2015
Re: La Courtine military base?
by LeHobbit • Sun 19 Mar 2017 11:25
Well we went to visit two properties, one just north of Malleret and one a few kilometres west of Saint Agnant Pres Crocq. Both properties had lots going for them but neither had enough land for our needs unfortunately. Also we wish to run a chambre d'hote, possibly gite and also yurt accomodation for guests and we were a bit unsure of how far out this part of the Creuse is from any of the main attractions for visitors? (Felletin; Aubusson; Lakes).

As people have said it is a truly rugged and beautiful part of the Creuse. We did hear military action during both our visits. Far off explosions mainly, but quite frequent for periods during both our viewings. I am not sure this is something we would like to live with, even if during the main tourism season the military activities are suspended. It is a difficult one. Yes it's a lovely part of the Creuse, but is it too far out and would the military noise become a pain at a permanent home, rather than say a holiday place?

Anyway, I don't think either place will prove to be suitable as there is simply not enough land with either property.
Aug 2015
Re: La Courtine military base?
by Annik • Mon 03 Apr 2017 11:25
A friend of ours bought house near Chicheix, South of Flayat. It was very peaceful and rural. Then the day she moved in there was a tank in the lane, which gave her rather a shock! She hadn't realised the extent of the La Courtine manoeuvres and of course no one had volunteered the information. However, I think she is used to the various whizz-bangs now.
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