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Property prices in La Creuse?
by LeHobbit • Thu 25 Aug 2016 12:33
We have recently sold our renovated Charentaise longere with 1.7 hectares of land in Department 16 (Charente) and we are looking to buy a house with land in the Creuse/Correze or Puy De Dome. We haven't decided 100% on which area yet, but we have done much exploring in La Creuse over the past few months and like what we see.

On recent trips we have viewed a few houses with land through British and French agencies as well as a couple of private sales.

We have read that Creuse offers some of the best value for houses and land in the whole of France. However our experience so far is not matching up to our expectations for value for money. We like the area of the Creuse in the south and east a lot more than the north.. Basically we have been searching below the D941 main road from Limoges to Aubusson

We just sold our very beautifully and tastefully renovated longere for €180,000 with the land and with barn and outbuildings. We are sticklers for detail and the finish and quality of the renovation is very good. In contrast we are viewing houses with agents in the €60,000 to €160,000 bracket in the Creuse and many so called renovations are a mess and badly finished. We are coming round to the idea that we will have to find a habitable house and renovate/refresh to our own taste/standard of finish over time. With this in mind we have viewed a few houses needing work, but the prices just seem ridiculous. We looked at a old house near Bourganeuf with 2.2 hectares of land, but it needed a new fosse, oil heating boiler was defunct and totally gutting on the inside as it looked like nothing had been done for 100 years minimum!! Roof also needed some attention. This house was priced at €130,000, which just seems crazy as it would need €70,000 minimum spending on it to make it liveable!

Have prices shot up in the Creuse recently or are the sellers just chancing their arm? Isolated (non hamlet)houses with a decent amount of land (above 2 hectares) seem few and far between?

We have several months to search but so far we have been disappointed.

Any thoughts peeps?
Aug 2015
Re: Property prices in La Creuse???
by Creusebear • Thu 25 Aug 2016 16:49
Hi Le hobbit
We bought 10 years ago - just before the crash, so not exactly canny property buyers! I think it is worth putting in a low offer, especially if you are serious about a property and show you are able to proceed without delay. In my limited experience, the French are quite happy to leave a property empty and do not seem to be in a rush to sell. I did happen to see a lovely looking property for sale in the window of an EA in Aubusson which looked very nicely restored: longere barn, maison and swimmingpool for 120,000, although I don't know how much land was with it.
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May 2007
Re: Property prices in La Creuse???
by Dave • Thu 25 Aug 2016 17:07
I guess it depends on where in the Creuse that you want to live and what sort of thing you want. I was in Boussac a couple of weeks ago and browsed properties in one of the estate agents windows and there was a good variety of things, the cheapest being a little house with 900 m2 of land a new roof and all service at only €10K. There are also plenty of unrenovated barns and farm houses with more than a hectare for under 100K (some user 50K but with as planning permission is now difficult some care would be needed). So I guess it is still possible to get cheap properties if you hunt about. These often don't make it to the internet so you do really need to go in person. The area you like is however much more popular and I've no doubt that properties there are much more in demand and therefore at a premium.
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Aug 2004
Re: Property prices in La Creuse???
by Jeanne • Sat 27 Aug 2016 16:41
Most sellers are trying to get a good price for their property but a lot of Brits who have done renovations are looking for the money back they spent, which of course in today's market is virtually impossible.

Our French neighbour has put her house on the market for €80,000 but will be lucky to get €40k at best.

I suggest you find something you like and make an offer of what you think its worth and see if they will accept. I agree the problem is finding a quality renovation though. One person's quality is another one's bodge up.

You are in the most popular price bracket for houses, so hopefully you might find something you like eventually.

Good luck in your search. Personally I do not like the area you are looking at, I find it a bit too cut off, but each to their own taste, be awful if we all wanted the same thing :D
Jun 2010
Re: Property prices in La Creuse???
by LeHobbit • Mon 29 Aug 2016 11:34
Hi Jeanne

Thank you for your comments. We have been lucky/canny in our renovation of our Charente longere in that we sold it privately for a lot more than it cost to purchase it and renovate it. We did a huge chunk of the work ourselves and did the work knowing we were renovating to sell. We haven't settled in the Charente and find it too hot, too dry and too crowded for our liking. Having lived in remote parts of Britain such as mid Wales, North Wales and Scotland, we are looking for a department/area with a similar feel and atmosphere. The hilly, wooded southern part of the Creuse with it's winding roads and many lakes is very attractive to us. It seems as though there are far fewer houses in this area compared to the north of the Creuse. There are definitely fewer for sale, but we have time to search.

You are right about some places being overpriced and I think we will ignore prices and just look for the right place that is in the ballpark of our budget. If we find what we are looking for then we will try some cheeky low (realistic offers!!).
Aug 2015
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