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French Tutor - Felletin / Aubusson
by chrisell66 • Thu 07 Jul 2016 19:26
Hello - only just joined - now living in a house close to Felletin. Been around the area since Xmas - Whilst trying to explain to delivery drivers where the house is may help my French a little I need to knuckle down and overcome a lifetimes allergy to learning any language but the West Yorkshire dialect (and I left there more than 30 years ago).

Tried "classes" - apart from reminding me of school I lost the will to live every week after about 10 minutes - so forget them - they don't work for me at all. My spoken French went backwards everytime some one mentioned verbs/nouns - and the endless obsession with perfect past tense pretty much destroyed any wish to learn.

Time has passed - wounds have healed - So really looking for anyone for private tuition a few hours each week - any suggestions/recommendations welcome. Obviously not anyone obsessed with "correct" grammar and preferably patient.
Jul 2016
Re: French Tutor - Felletin / Aubusson
by virtdave • Thu 07 Jul 2016 20:14
Learning a foreign language as an adult is challenging. When we started coming regularly to Creuse, long ago, I'd had a college course or two, but didn't really start to learn French until I obtained this series of tapes, which I listened to while commuting. Since this set of tapes was intended for diplomats, one of the first phrases I learned was, "He has been posted to London, and we cannot consider a project of such a scope in his absence." I've not had the opportunity to trot that one out yet, but some more useful things did stick....
A tutor can of course be helpful, but at least in part because it commits you to dogged persistence, which does eventually pay off. Another less tedious possibility is watching French films with English subtitles.....then watching again, this time with French subtitles...
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