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Unique (?) restaurant experience
by Suzanne • Sun 01 Nov 2015 16:53
Just wanted to recommend an interesting restaurant experience - Utopaille (http://www.utopaille.fr)jardin-restaurant bio-écologique. Hidden away between Bourg D'hem and Bussière-Dunoise (Leave Bourg D'hem heading for Bussière-Dunoise, cross the narrow bridge, turn right at the first cross-roads and it's on the LHS, very modest-looking little place set back from the road).
Currently run by a husband and wife team with a very cozy atmosphere. It's based on the idea that they grow all the veg in the surrounding garden, you book for Friday/Saturday, they pick the veg that day (or at most the day before) and buy local meat/fish to suit the choice of menu you've discussed with them on the phone when you booked. Food was fresh, tasty, you can see the chef preparing the food, and can look around their gardens before you settle at your table.

I highly recommend this as a very different, perhaps unique, experience in La Creuse - but if you want to try it go before Xmas 2015 as the couple are retiring and trying to sell-up the business, so it may not be available if you wait until 2016.
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Re: Unique (?) restaurant experience
by Jeanne • Mon 02 Nov 2015 13:13
Yes, I too would recommend it. Bea and Henri are excellent hosts and the food was very good. We had Sunday lunch there and it was followed by a classical music concert.
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