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English Versus French plugs

by lestroisours • Sat 06 Oct 2007 09:16

Having a radio transmission station and a computer network, along with all the parafenalia of domestic life, meant that we had an inordinate number of british plugs to change. One of my computers has up to 6 accessories, each requiring a socket. Back in the UK, my network and radio sets were install...

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Re: Britons to lose French healthcare

by lestroisours • Fri 05 Oct 2007 16:51

:) No problem for the moment it seems, at least for us. This week at Guéret CPAM my wife and I were granted access to the french medical system until July 2009, when we are expected then to obtain health insurance until we reach 65. Yes we are retired, and not yet 55. We can see a lot of British com...

Re: Where do you live in La Creuse?

by lestroisours • Mon 01 Oct 2007 15:30

:D We live In South West Creuse, in the commune of Royère de Vassivière, very forested, and green, tough as it's high, about 700 metre ASL, tends to be a little chillier. But soooooo quiet!

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