Re: Speeding fines and points

by RobertArthur • Sun 07 Apr 2019 23:41

In the near future you will get a permis de conduire virtuel . After the first infraction you will receive a letter announcing the birth of your virtual French drivers license. And your points. Dark clouds over France: enough points and you are not allowed to drive in France for a year or more. Sunn...

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Re: Travelling after Brexit

by RobertArthur • Mon 25 Mar 2019 15:30

Dark clouds gathering between Dover and Calais, Time for sunny intervals of longer periods of sunshine, let's keep our fingers crossed.

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Re: Travelling after Brexit

by RobertArthur • Sun 24 Feb 2019 18:41

Worst case scenario, a no deal. Pandora's box and what's inside, a quick inventarisation yesterday in The Guardian. About pets the following summary: "The EU pet passport scheme ends for UK travellers and their cats and dogs – replaced with expensive tests every time they travel."

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Re: Three phase - how do I hate it, let me count the ways!

by RobertArthur • Mon 07 Jan 2019 11:44

Number 15 in the little porthole in a modern three-phase main switch: 15 amps per phase (9 kVA puissance souscrite).

Re: Three phase - how do I hate it, let me count the ways!

by RobertArthur • Wed 02 Jan 2019 09:30

Creusebear, to continue this step-by-step introduction to the secrets of l'installation électrique : you mention your "amp-age" being 5 amps per phase in three-phase. I'm afraid your so called puissance souscrite - see this table for the translation of amps into your puissance souscrite (total power...

Re: Three phase - how do I hate it, let me count the ways!

by RobertArthur • Tue 01 Jan 2019 15:02

A happy new year to all the readers of this forum. Creusebear, you may not believe me, but once upon a time I was the boy who was reading books and books and more books. Please don't ask him to do anything practical. Things changed after building my first crystal radio receiver, a switch was turned ...

Re: Brexit

by RobertArthur • Sat 22 Dec 2018 23:50

Another face of Brexit in Berlin and job opportunities in the Paris Metro, shelter from the storm?

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Re: gilets jaunes

by RobertArthur • Thu 20 Dec 2018 10:25

From Gueret to Paris. The building of the Bank of France, interesting place to visit , tourists not allowed I'm afraid, not yet on the hitlist of the gilets jaunes . But if the Bank tries to discredit them the police will have to seal off the neighbourhood. Because the Bank doesn't show any sign of ...

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Re: Three phase - how do I hate it, let me count the ways!

by RobertArthur • Wed 19 Dec 2018 22:57

Creusebear, sorry to hear about your encounter with the Prince of Darkness here in France, always thought that Mr. Lucas favoured car electrics during dark and rainy nights in the English countryside. Single track road, sharp bend, dark trees all around etc. Batteries in your torch also flat. Okay, ...

Re: Book Recommendation - L'installation électrique

by RobertArthur • Mon 26 Nov 2018 18:56

Almost a year ago both authors published a slightly revised 6th edition of "L'Installation électrique" . Page count of the 5th edition of L'Installation Électrique (October 2016, including all the Amendement 5 changes) was 580 and 8 pages more in this 6th edition. No reason to buy the new one if you...

Re: Tax Habitation and Foncier

by RobertArthur • Sun 25 Nov 2018 12:41

Not (yet) relevant for the Creuse and the Nièvre, the permission given to certain municipalities in 2013 to levy an extra " surtaxe d'habitation " for maisons secondaires, under president Hollande . They don't have to do it, they can if deemed necessary. President Macron made matters more complicate...

Re: Swimming Pool

by RobertArthur • Wed 08 Aug 2018 15:09

Probably it's the time of the season, a French DIY reporting about the construction of his swimming pool.

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Re: Swimming Pool

by RobertArthur • Tue 07 Aug 2018 15:01

Not any experience at all I'm afraid. Opening my mailbox is an hourly routine: this morning an article by SystèmeD about swimming pools . About mr Taxman: your taxe foncière will go in the wrong direction for non-removable swimming pools. About maintenance: always work to do. About safety issues: ev...

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Re: 80km/h Maximum Speed on Local Roads

by RobertArthur • Sat 28 Jul 2018 10:05

In Le Parisien an article about: "Les vraies causes de la mortalité sur les autoroutes" Smartphones, drinking, fatigue are difficult to target. Easier - the government is really trying to protect it's beloved citoyens et citoyennes - is replacing the existing 90 km road signs by 80 km signs made in ...

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Re: New electricity meters

by RobertArthur • Thu 05 Apr 2018 15:57

Never a dull moment. Another disadvantage, power limiting. No, not the nervous reaction of Linky seeing a very small overload. This time about real overloads. Once upon a time changing your puissance souscrite from let's say 6 kVa to 9 kVa needed a manual intervention by a technician, opening your d...

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Re: Help with Main Supply Cable Size and Type

by RobertArthur • Sun 18 Mar 2018 18:01

Many years ago, so time for an update. For the long connection - more than 30 meters - and copper wiring these are the wiring lengths for a voltage drop of 2 %. For aluminium, lower price but not always easy to handle, this table will give you the answers for single-phase and three-phase. In some ca...

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Re: French NF C 15-100 code

by RobertArthur • Sat 03 Mar 2018 17:05

Time for an annual update, links come and go, a summary of useful books and websites. No real surprises, but (almost) everything about the French electrical code under the roof of one a little document.

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Re: Limestone Flour

by RobertArthur • Tue 27 Feb 2018 17:29

What about agri websites: ... lcium.html

edit: sorry, too late with my search activities. But the cows look familiar, probably the same as escaped from this website header as it used to be.

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Re: TV

by RobertArthur • Wed 24 Jan 2018 14:55

If it is a French tv, not too old, it has a built-in decoder for the (free) TNT signals. But not all decoders are equal: the digitally encoded TNT tv signals are now in HD format, so only rather new tv sets or separate adaptateurs are capable of receiving these French tv signals. Goes for around thi...

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Re: Insert woodburner question

by RobertArthur • Sun 07 Jan 2018 12:48

Trying to get more comfort and heat elsewhere in the house there are inserts with built-in ventilation systems . Also available as retrofit units. From what I've seen I consider these add-ons as workarounds, not able to do the same as modern high-efficiency wood stoves. In case of a black-out - not ...

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