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La Pierre aux Neuf Gradins

by Dave • Thu 25 Jun 2020 15:23

p9g-map.jpg Location on Google Maps As the old sign pointing the way up from the main road says, La Pierre aux Neuf Gradins. or the rock with the nine steps, is « Une Enigma Archéologique ». It’s an oddity alright. A slab of rock in the woods where pre-historic folks have caved in nine wide thin st...

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Re: When do you think that you'll next visit Creuse?

by Dave • Tue 26 May 2020 12:43

I hope that the tit-for-tat 2 week quarantine between the UK and France gets lifted soon otherwise I guess going to and fro is going to mean a month inside each time :(

Re: Cable size and a second distribution panel

by Dave • Fri 22 May 2020 13:20

I've just been reading through this again since I an thinking of adding a second panel myself. It's interesting that you have to include a disjoncteur in the main panel, which seems somewhat redundant, although I suppose it does allow you to work safely on the whole second panel without turning off ...

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Walking to Saint Fiel

by Dave • Thu 21 May 2020 17:26

wsf-map.jpg A couple of years ago when visiting the Glenic Donkey Fête in 2018 I discovered that you could walk over a new footbridge installed next to the viaduct and then up onto the railway line and continue on for about three kilometres to the next village of Saint Fiel. I mentioned at the time...

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When do you think that you'll next visit Creuse?

by Dave • Tue 12 May 2020 14:49

I suppose this isn't question for the lucky residents but for those stuck away from the peaceful green and blue delights of dept. 23. When do you think that you'll be able and allowed to get out of your current lock-down arrangement and head to the middle of La Belle France?

Re: How fast does grass grow?

by Dave • Tue 12 May 2020 14:35

Depending on the growing conditions and type of grass you can expect it to grow up to several inches a week in late April and May and perhaps earlier if the spring is warm and I would think that if you want to keep a nice tidy lawn it might need cutting once a week but, unless you have a professiona...

Re: Senoueix and other Bridges you should Cross

by Dave • Sun 12 Apr 2020 12:27

I have eaten at le Viaduct at Busseau sur Creuse and seen Eiffel's bridge but as far as I know it is still a working railway line and thus I don't think it is permitted to cross it on foot. Both the restaurant and the view of the bridge are pretty good and worth a visit. I can see a small footbridge...

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Senoueix and other Bridges you should Cross

by Dave • Fri 10 Apr 2020 12:51

bysc-map.jpg Here are some bridges around Creuse that I really like. Writing this article has reminded me of many fun times with Digger our Husky cross. Whilst he didn’t care to swim, he loved water and has enjoyed a cooling paddle and a refreshing drink in the rivers by pretty much all of these br...

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Re: Les blagues

by Dave • Sun 05 Apr 2020 18:46

Coronavirus et confinement:

Après trois semaines de confinement, la voisine gueule tellement fort sur ses gosses, que moi aussi j’ai fini par ranger ma chambre.

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Re: The C word!

by Dave • Thu 05 Mar 2020 10:55

* cough *

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l'Etang des Landes

by Dave • Thu 05 Mar 2020 10:45

edl-map.jpg Location on Google Maps The Réserve Naturelle de l’Étang des Landes near Lussat is a huge pond covering some 100 hectares. It’s full to the brim with rare plants, over 200 species of bird and more than twenty types of mammal including, apparently, otters. I single-out only one type of c...

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Re: Horsey Help needed urgently

by Dave • Thu 30 Jan 2020 10:36

Hi, welcome to Pont Noir. Creuse is pretty big, so It might help others decide if they are able to help if you told us where the horses are - just a nearby town or postcode so that folks can see how local you are to them. You might also look are one of the riding centres, listed in our Directory . S...

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Re: Last Three Letters

by Dave • Tue 28 Jan 2020 13:01


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Re: Off-peak electricity: cheaper?

by Dave • Thu 23 Jan 2020 09:30

We tried both Tempo (which was way too complex and didn't really save us money) and heures creuses which wasn't that bad, but we couldn't move enough stuff to the cheap window to make the extra tariff work. Both might work for you if you can move your life around to take advantage of cheap days and ...

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Lac de Lavaud-Gelade and other Swimming

by Dave • Wed 22 Jan 2020 16:33

lvg-map.jpg Location on Google Maps Lac de Lavaud-Gelade is a man-made lake formed by a dam on the river Taurion. It’s a large but mostly unspoilt place. It’s one of my favourite spots in Creuse and is great for swimming, walking or just chilling out on late summer evenings. Unlike the nearby Lac d...

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Re: Les blagues

by Dave • Tue 21 Jan 2020 13:02

Pourquoi les Martiens ne renversent-ils jamais de café sur la table?

Parce qu'ils ont des soucoupes! 😁

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Cancer Support

by Dave • Thu 16 Jan 2020 12:41

I came across this organisation that covers Creuse but isn't actually based here so doesn't have a entry in our Directory but could nevertheless be very helpful: Cancer Support Haute-Vienne - supporting English speakers touched by cancer in departments 19, 23, 36 and 87 Helpline: 0800 240 200 https:...

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Re: Changes To Pont Noir

by Dave • Thu 16 Jan 2020 12:31

There are now over 200 entries in the Directory. If your favourite eatery, tradesman or other business isn't listed then you can let me know by filling in the Submit New Directory Entry form.

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Numerous Properties For Sale

by Dave • Wed 15 Jan 2020 17:56

I've started to notice a lot a of properties for sale in almost every town I visit in Creuse. Even just driving though on the main road I often see 3 or 4 for sale in most places. This definitely seems like it is increasing, especially in the northern half of the department. I picked up a copy of th...

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Re: New electricity meters

by Dave • Wed 08 Jan 2020 11:25

We got our new Linky in December. It only took 10 minutes to change over and it's worked fine since, but I have to say that from my POV it seems no better or more helpful than the previous one.


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