Re: Solar Venti

by chris-le-bricoleur • Sun 30 Mar 2014 21:22

A friend of mine had one on his yacht in Sweden (Lidingö Fjord). It works perfectly , now for 24 years.

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Re: CLS Timber for studwork

by chris-le-bricoleur • Sun 30 Mar 2014 21:19

Is it usuall to insulate the void and if so what seems to work the best?
Said Robjelves
No isolation necessary on interiour walls. But I would aerate these if the walls are humid, see here pic. 4 and 5

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Re: Building Materials

by chris-le-bricoleur • Sun 29 Dec 2013 21:13

Rob, I found it useful to browse all DIY sheds and builder's merchants in order to get an impression what they are good in. Now I know for which article to go to Weldom, BricoMarché, Doras, BricoDepot, Lapeyre - or a specialized electrics store, or a sawmill. This was ten years ago. Now I often brow...

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Re: A frame tie rods

by chris-le-bricoleur • Thu 22 Aug 2013 16:13

The first link given by Robert Arthur shows a tie rod, but I don't like the bride de serrage shown there (page 3).
I'd prefer a Tendeur à vis

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Re: The all New Pont Noir

by chris-le-bricoleur • Sat 13 Jul 2013 22:12

Sorry to be negative, but the white-on-green layout gives me a headache. As a general rule, text which is presented dark-on-light is better readable than the other way round. Why are books and newspapers printed black-on-white?
Sorry for all the work done, but the new optic approach is not my choice.

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