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Re: french terrestial tv finishing

by kowalczy • Sun 31 Jan 2016 17:46

You have been told wrongly! French terrestrial TV will continue but between 4-6th April 2016 the system is "turning off" the SD service and going wholly HD. Therefore you may need to acquire a new receiver if your set/box is not up to the task. The SD TV service via Sat will receive the same treatme...

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Re: Digital Camera Recommendation

by kowalczy • Sat 23 Jan 2016 10:32

I would second Roberts choice of a Lumix although I have the DMC-TZ30 which has a 24mm Ultra Wide Angle lens and an optical zoom of 20x (35mm camera equivalent of 24 - 480mm). Using Intelligent Zoom this can be increased to 40x. It comes with GPS tagging, so you will never forget where you took that...

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Re: Smoke Alarms

by kowalczy • Mon 21 Dec 2015 10:34

It is a requirement to fit at least one detector per property. -Legal deadline to install is now 31st December 2015. -The detector must carry the mark CE and meet la Norme NF EN 14604 . It should be noted also that it is the home-owner/tenant's responsibility to notify their insurance agent that the...

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Re: Scaffold Tower

by kowalczy • Sun 04 Oct 2015 09:47

Or try Robert Hines at http://www.entreprisehines.com/index.php

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Re: smoke detector scams

by kowalczy • Tue 21 Jul 2015 13:30

" an owner-occupier is not legally required to install one."That is not how I read the law. All domestic properties are required to install Smoke Detectors by the 1st Jan '16 under 'la loi n° 2010-238'

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Re: Hot tubs

by kowalczy • Mon 22 Jun 2015 17:40

Try http://www.limousin-spas.com

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Re: Burying a cable

by kowalczy • Sat 30 May 2015 19:21

60cm is sufficient for the most part, BUT, where the route of the cable passes under a possible line of motor traffic the depth must be increased to 85cm. The 85cm depth must also be observed under any walkways adjacent to the drive. The dispositif avertisseur de couleur rouge (warning tape) shold b...

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Re: fosse septique

by kowalczy • Sun 03 May 2015 13:10

05 55 62 61 12 (home)
06 33 78 24 23 (mobile)
Email: fossepro@orange.fr

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Re: water heaters /electrics

by kowalczy • Sun 26 Apr 2015 22:04

Key boxes are another way to go, keeps a key on the premises but available to whoever you elect.

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Re: Surface mounted electrics

by kowalczy • Tue 14 Apr 2015 22:36

Hi, I want to mount some electrical fittings ( socket and light switch ) onto a stone wall. I want to keep all the stone visible so the fittings will have to be surface mount. 1 I was planning on running the wiring in galvanised conduit as I think that would look best against the stone. The proble ...

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Re: Water Heater - No Timer

by kowalczy • Wed 25 Mar 2015 10:34

Remember that water heaters(chauffe eau) are not permitted to be attached via a plug and socket, so the use of plug-in timers is also not permitted. As Robert says, the use of a 'day/night switch' in the tableau is the normal and approved way forward.

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Re: Plasterboarding

by kowalczy • Wed 11 Mar 2015 21:24

Or like this, and still get in 240mm of insulation.

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Re: Moving to France at last

by kowalczy • Sat 31 Jan 2015 10:42

The chinese supermarket sells them and all the other stuff for chinese and indian Its called Thone Asia and is behind Conforama in Limoges. (Full address on request) We have started to freeze chillies with great results Whilst many people report that Thoune Asia is behind Conforama at the Cora CC a...

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Re: French Paint

by kowalczy • Sun 18 Jan 2015 13:08

In the early days of arriving in France we used to have great difficulty getting a good coverage with French sourced paint. Now, however, we seem to have cracked it. On new plasterboard we first we use one coat of "Sous-couche plaque de plâtre", followed with, usually, one pass of top coat (emulsion...

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Re: fosse septique

by kowalczy • Sat 20 Dec 2014 17:29

Having worked alongside both Russell Waite and Chris Godson on a number of projects, I can highly recommend either and/or both of them.

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Re: What have you learnt?

by kowalczy • Thu 04 Dec 2014 10:26

During the seventies I spent some time working for the county health inspectors. We were taught to note that the carcass of a cat showed that it's kidneys were virtually horizontal, whereas a rabbits' kidneys were heavily offset from the horizontal. The reason we may need to know..............inspec...

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Re: Household Amenity Tip near Boussac?

by kowalczy • Sun 23 Nov 2014 10:17

There is a dechetterie at Saint Silvain Bas Le Roc, just south of Boussac. Sort your rubbish and take it there.

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Re: Tartiflette

by kowalczy • Sat 01 Nov 2014 11:21

I have obviously led a sheltered life. I knew about this dish but came across it 'face to face' being sold hot and sumptuous at St Aout Market nr La Chatre (Indre). Bought some for lunch. It was delicious! It was made with whole Camembert melted on top.. What other cheeses could you use? I am not i...

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Re: Increasing Kilowattage

by kowalczy • Fri 15 Aug 2014 17:59

Hi Robert Thanks for the detailed information . I am afraid some of the info is above me!. It is not the DB taht gets hot (set at 30 amps) it is the fuse contained in the Brown bakelite cover next to the meter. From what you have said it sounds like call to EDF and they will visit and change the pu...

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Re: Free sat

by kowalczy • Fri 25 Jul 2014 20:16

'freesat' boxes are available from Amazon and can be shipped to France. No card is required.

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