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Re: Any cheap property for sale.

by SIMON • Sun 01 Mar 2015 10:00

saw that one it would be ideal but the Immo said it had been bought.
it needs a lot of work doing to it and would probably cost around €50,000 to sought out.

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Topic: Any cheap property for sale?
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Re: Any cheap property for sale.

by SIMON • Fri 27 Feb 2015 14:51

looked through greenacres, quite a few of the immo's in the region do not advertise on there.

price wise 1€ to 35k€

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Topic: Any cheap property for sale?
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Re: Any cheap property for sale.

by SIMON • Thu 26 Feb 2015 18:42

the price is the most important, the lower the better. as the person buying is a builder by trade he would like a derelict property so that he can start fresh from. any size any numbers of rooms, so if you know of any let me know. I am stuck back in england until after easter now so have little chan...

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Topic: Any cheap property for sale?
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Any cheap property for sale?

by SIMON • Thu 26 Feb 2015 10:36

Hi, I am looking for some cheap property in the Creuse region, a family member wants to move here and renovate a run down property. as he is a builder by trade he is looking for a derelict cottage/house with some land ie about half an acre. Just wondering if any one knows of any property meeting thi...

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Topic: Any cheap property for sale?
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Re: fous d'Allah, etc.

by SIMON • Tue 23 Dec 2014 18:02

is it just me as i recall the UK was once being terrorized by a certain group from Ireland,but did the Brits complain, no they just got on with it, remember the UK lived under a threat for several decades. now what is happening is that a few nutters are trying to make a name for themselves by killin...

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Re: Increasing Kilowattage

by SIMON • Fri 15 Aug 2014 13:07

this post got me a bit intrigued, i am thinking of doing the same to my semi renovated property, stuck back in the UK at present, the supply cable looks heavy enough but the EDF isolation breaker I can not find. the cable runs from the side of my property up to the pylon and as far as I remember the...

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Re: Free sat

by SIMON • Sat 26 Jul 2014 13:12

if you are in the UK just pop into your local Tesco and get a FREESAT recorder box about £175 pound. all you will need then when you get to France is a twin LNB and a sat dish of about 80cm for good clear reception in this region. setting up a dish is easy but I would recommend an installer if you a...

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Re: terestial french tv via an aerial

by SIMON • Sun 13 Jul 2014 09:51

if you watch the weather, a high pressure area can deteriorate the signal strength,and with a low pressure front the quality increases, this is the major course of pixelation.

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Re: French drivers omg !

by SIMON • Sat 05 Apr 2014 18:46

didn't you know the French think they are the best in the world at everything and especially driving, they are nearly as good as the Italians. as for us poor Brits we know we are the best at what ever we do especially careful considered driving.

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Re: Electrician

by SIMON • Mon 17 Mar 2014 13:21

about €45 per hour

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Re: Growing Spuds in the Region

by SIMON • Thu 13 Feb 2014 09:33

Blight is brought on by warm damp spring and summers. once the plant turns yellow cut the tops off and dig the spuds up they should store for around six months in the fridge. I am still using spuds dug up in September last year.

Re: Growing Spuds in the Region.

by SIMON • Wed 12 Feb 2014 14:20

you should follow a three or even better four year rotation system to stop diseases. I have done this in the UK, looks like this year in France will be spent preparing for next years crops. I have heard that Europe is invested with the Colorado beetle, but reading up on it if the local land has not ...

Growing Spuds in the Region

by SIMON • Mon 10 Feb 2014 14:02

Not had the chance of yet to grow any spuds so far but plan on growing a few this year, just wondering how difficult is it to grow them. in the uk I grew tons, just put them in my allotment and dug them up when started to go yellow.

Re: Do you plant supermarket garlic or cultivated garlic

by SIMON • Fri 17 Jan 2014 15:12

put it in the freezer for 24 hours, it will be ok using chinese garlic, they all come from the same species

Builders Merchants.

by SIMON • Fri 17 Jan 2014 13:05

Hi I am trying to build a list of suppliers of various goods in the NORTH WEST OF CREUSE. Started making a list of NURSERIES. now I am trying to build a list of BUILDERS MERCHANTS, PLUMBING SUPPLIES. ELECTRICAL FACTORS, and TIMBER/LUMBER SUPPLIERS. Also a FIRE WOOD SUPPLIERS and DIY STORES. this is ...

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How Many Wires per Conduit?

by SIMON • Sun 12 Jan 2014 13:35

Just a quick question regarding wiring and conduit,
For 20mm conduit what size cable can go into it, ie 6mm x 3singles.
and for 25mm conduit
Hope you can help

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Supply Rating

by SIMON • Tue 07 Jan 2014 10:47

Robert, your posts are excellent for a person who has working knowledge of electric circuits. the french system is nothing new to me as I have spent over 20 years working on similar systems. the only problem I have is trying to find out the rating of the cable coming into the house I have purchased....

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Re: Cold Winter Spell

by SIMON • Sat 21 Dec 2013 14:59

just spoke to some friends still in the Uk, Cumbrian coast as a matter of fact. all they have had for the last three weeks is high wind, heavy rain and grey dull days, not really freezing just cold and damp and miserable.

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Re: Sand and Gravel Delivery

by SIMON • Sat 28 Sep 2013 18:39

Sotramat at Chatelus Malveleix.

I have not seen this place, can you give directions or a street name.

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Re: what is a

by SIMON • Sat 21 Sep 2013 11:19

Thanks for your efforts Patrick.

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