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BLB Espace

Rue des Fusillés 23200 Aubusson

05 55 83 00 82

BLB Espace is a private Tennis Court and is open to all players whether they be beginners or adept players, membership of a tennis club or the Féderation Française de Tennis is NOT necessary to play on our court.

The court is open all year round. Lighting makes it possible to play in the evenings and winter afternoons!
The court can be hired for a session (1H30) by signing the names of the players on the appropriate day and time on the reservation form situated by the entrance to the court. A key and payment can be collected and made at either of the two sport shops in Aubusson:

– Drug Sport Place Espagne
– St.Cricq Loisirs Grande Rue

Different types of membership are also available :

– 10 sessions
– Annual membership
– Custom made membership to specific requirements (holiday periods etc.)

In these cases a card holder is given a key for an easier access to the court.

For further information please contact Jean-Michel Bouret

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