Advertising Policy

Pont Noir does not take paid advertising of any kind. This decision was based on three things:-

  1. Advertising revenue would be tiny.
  2. Pont Noir is not run for profit.
  3. Adverts are annoying.

This policy applies equally to non paid advertising.


There are some general exceptions to this rule:-

  • Any business based in the Creuse can have a free entry in the Directory.
  • Non-commercial Small Ad listing will be taken in the Small Ad’s forum from members.
  • Some articles or posts may list places to visit and some of these places may have entry fees.

We reserve the right to remove any content or service of this website at any time and without notice.

SPAM and Self Advertising

Forum Spammers will have their accounts deleted and their ISPs and email account providers may be informed. IP Address tracking is used to identify spammers.

Members should not use the forums as an opportunity to promote their own business either in reply to a request from another member or by posting in the guise of being informative.

Members should not solicit work or sales from other members directly by PM unless the member has specifically asked for people to contact them outside of the forum. Any member bothered in this way should report the offending PM and appropriate action will be taken.