Pont Noir

Live Life in Creuse


Pont Noir is all about living in Creuse, the best of the three departments of the old region of Limousin. Whether you are currently living in here in department 23, are in the process of buying a property here, seriously thinking about a move, or just dreaming of a better life in rural France then Pont Noir is the site for you.

This is a community website aimed at English speakers living or holidaying in Creuse. The objective is to share experiences of life in France and to exchange information, thoughts and feelings about living in the department.

Pont Noir has a bias towards a rural, country way of life in Creuse, however as other rural areas will present similar issues and as many things will be relevant to those living anywhere in France, much of the information you find here will be useful if you’re outside of the department. The moderated forums provide a wealth of information, not only about life in the department, but also about French living, renovation, language and customs, gardening and smallholding and well as dealing with all the paperwork.

Participation is welcomed here, as are your comments and suggestions about any aspect of the site,  so please get in contact or register yourself and get posting in the forums.